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Citizens gathering in national and international Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) engaged in the protection of cultural heritage are considered as one of the important components in the definition and implementation of sectorial strategies and policies.

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) was founded by William Morris and Philip Webb in England (1877) and it published “The SPAB Manifesto-The Principal of the Society for the Protection of the Ancient Buildings as Set Forth Upon its Foundation”: This manifesto that includes the first preventive and innovative conservation philosophy and approaches to the ancient buildings is considered the starting point of the many subsequent conservation policies of the civil society.

Since then, especially after World War II, national and international NGOs have undertaken an active role in defining and raising public and political awareness on the protection of movable and immovable cultural heritage, as well as of the need to implement related conventions, protocols and recommendations.. Examples of the NGOs activities have been evaluated as important that between the pages of this history . This is why Advisory Bodies to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention consist of one inter governmental organization–(ICCROM-International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) and two NGOs (ICOMOS International Council on Monuments and Sites and IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) a confirmation which marks the highest recognition to the experience and prestige that civil society express today.

KUMID (Turkey) and WATCH (Italy) are two NGOs that decided to join their efforts for the development of “Experience for a change within the Cultural Heritage sector Project" (exCHange ) in order to add a new page in those pages of the history. This project is supported by Turkish and Italian universities as well as local authorities. Thanks to that strong cooperation “exCHange” started implementing on April 26, 2011.


Turkey, a rapidly growing country is developing a policy that strongly refers to cultural heritage promotion and cultural tourism sectors, associated to the economic development. However, it is not wrong to say that the country lacks of expertise and of infrastructures needed to guarantee a comprehensive cultural, scientific, economic and managerial approach to secure the conservation, restoration and risk management focusing on artworks of Movable Heritage. Departments devoted to these subjects have been recently opened in several universities, but there is a high risk of enrolling students without a clear-cut educational orientation in absence of adequate supporting syllabus, curricula and infrastructures It is still unclear how these new university degrees would match with the offer existing in the labour market.

In this project, the Non Governmental Organizations promote the civil society dialogue with the purpose to increase the awareness of the Turkish educational system on the needs to build the capacities specifically required in the field of conservation-restoration of movable artworks. More in particular, ExCHange was designed as a response to educational gap found in conservation and restoration of ceramics and textiles. In addition, a public awareness campaign about restoration and conservation of audiovisual works of art is going to be promoted in this project.

Project Facts

NAME Experience for change within the Cultural Heritage sector (exCHange)
  • Exchange of expertise in conservation of arts works (ceramic and textile)
  • Promotion of public awareness on conservation of audiovisual works of art
CONTRACT NUMBER 25.04.2011 TR703.01.01/87
VALUE EUR 138.928,41 (%10 Co-Finansman by Körfez Municipality)
DURATION 12 Months (April 2011-2012)
CONTRACTING AUTHORITY The Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU), Ankara-Turkey
EXECUTING AUTHORITY Republic of Turkey, Ministry for EU Affairs, Directorate of Project Implementation, Ankara-Turkey
APPLICANT Kültürel Mirasın Dostları Derneği-KUMID (Friends of Cultural Heritage-FOCUH), Istanbul-Turkey
PARTNER World Association for the Protection of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in time of armed conflicts (WATCH) - Italy
  • University of Kocaeli – Turkey (ASM1)
  • University of Rome, Sapienza, – Italy (ASM2)
  • Körfez Municipality– Turkey (ASM3)
  • NGOs representatives and scholars
  • Turkish, Italian and international experts
  • Local administrations
  • National and international groups operating in the field of Cultural Heritage conservation
  • Decision makers in higher education system and culture
  • Civil society


  • To contribute to the establishment in Turkey of the necessary educational support at university and NGO's level in the field of restoration and conservation of Movable Heritage (Textile, Ceramic)
  • To promote sustainable and long term partnerships, innovative initiatives, networking activities
  • To build capacity/professional upgrade of both universities/NGO experts
  • To establish sustainable channels for information exchange, transfer of knowledge, long term partnership/cooperation with national and international actors in works of art
  • To exchange information on the conservation and restoration of the audiovisual works of art



  • Capacity building of experts on conservation of works of arts (study tours in Italy and Turkey)
  • International Conference in Turkey





1- Infrastructure (May 2012)
Project Office: It was hired in a Business Centre in the heart of Kadıköy, Istanbul-Turkey by KUMID and the project office became equipped for work. WATCH headquarters hosted the implementation of project activities with no charges for office renting, for providing electricity and ADSL. This has been possible by courtesy of Dr. Claudio CIMINO and Damiano ADELFIO.



1-First Technical Assistance and Support Visi of PIU& TAT , Istanbul-Turkey, May 3, 2012
This visit by the Project Implementation Unit and Technical Assistant Team (PIU& TAT) established at Ministry for EU Affaires was the most appreciated starting point of the all project activities. The expert explained basic implementation rules of the EU Projects once again and assisted the Project Management Team (PMT) to draw the road map of the project implementation through exchange of information with the staff about the application documents. The PMT found this visit very important and appreciated it as it took place in the very early days of the project . It is highly recommended that this method be used for all future EU projects

2-Opening Ceremony of the “Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue II: Culture & Arts” (CSDIICA) , Istanbul –Turkey, May 11, 2011
The Opening Ceremony of the Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue II: “Culture & Arts Component” which also includes the Project “Experience for a Change within the Cultural Heritage Sector” was held in Istanbul on May 11, 2011 at The Marmara Esma Sultan Palace-Istanbul, Turkey.

The Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen BAĞIŞ hosted the “Opening Ceremony”, Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey Marc PIERINI, the Hungarian EU Presidency - Ambassador István SZABÓ, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Özgür ÖZASLAN, the PAO - of Central Finance and Contracts Unit Muhsin ALTUN contributed to by delivering impressive speeches.

Saadet GUNER, Project Coordinator, KUMID, Dr. Claudio CIMINO, Secretary General, WATCH, Gülay BOSTANCI, Assistant Project Coordinator, Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sezer KOMSUOĞLU, Kocaeli University, Prof. Reşat BAŞAR, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kocaeli University attended the event on behalf of the project parties and the project management.


3-Grant Implementation Training Sessions:

3.1- Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue-II “Culture and Arts Component” Grant Implementation Training in Turkish, Istanbul-Turkey, May 12-14, 2011

3.2- Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue-II “Culture and Arts Component” Grant Implementation Training in English, Ankara-Turkey May 24-28 2011
Saadet GUNER, Project Coordinator, Gülay BOSTANCI, Assistant Project Coordinator and Daniela REGGIO, Local Project Coordinator participated in the Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue-II “Culture and Arts Component” Grant Implementation Training Programs. Programs were conducted by CSD II Project Implemetation Unit & Technical Assistance Team (PIU & TAT) estabilhed at Ministry for EU Affrairs. Topics of the training included: EU Practical Guide; monitoring of grant contracts; technical and financial documentation; visibility and promotion rules; reporting; monitoring information system (MIS). The participants obtained a “Certificate of Participation” at the end of the training.


4-Proparotory Meetings:

4.1-INFO DAY of the Project in Kocaeli-Turkey May 5, 2011
An “Info Day“ was organized for the Project Parties in Turkey at Kocaeli University, Prof Dr Baki Komsuoglu Museum - Art Gallery in the presence of Prof. Reşat BASAR as host of the meeting. Other participants were Chancellor Prof. Sezer KOMSUOĞLU , Associate Prof. Sultan KARAOĞLU, Associate Prof. Dr. Özcan GUNDOĞDU from Kocaeli University , İsa TAS , Vice Mayor, Korfez Municipality. During the meeting, senior representatives of the Project Associates in Turkey were informed by Saadet GUNER, Project Coordinator about the project activities and implementation process.

4.2 First informal meeting of the Project, May 11, 2011-Istanbul
After the Opening Ceremony of CSDII-CA which also embraced the exCHange project, the representatives of the Project parties held the first informal meeting of the project in Istanbul. The participants of the meeting were Saadet GÜNER, Dr. Claudio CIMINO and Prof. Reşat BAŞAR. Ideas concerning the roadmap for project implementation were exchanged.

4.3 Dr. Daniela Ferro from WATCH met members of FOCUH in Istanbul-Turkey, May 21, 2011.
Dr. Daniela FERRO, who was participating in a scientific conference in Istanbul, took the time to meet KUMID members. During that informal meeting Prof. Dr. Recep KARADAG described the practices and educational level in Turkey relating to the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. Likewise, Dr. FERRO, briefed KUMID members on practices and educational level in Italy and presented her proposals for the ‘Study Tours’

4.4 Informal Project’s Staff Meeting (May 27, 2011, Ankara)
Mahmut Aydın, Archaelogist-Member of KUMID and Saadet GUNER, met Daniela REGGIO and Gülay BOSTANCI in Ankara who participated in the Turkey and EU Civil Society Dialogue-II “Culture and Arts Component” Grant Implementation Training in English. They exchanged their ideas on project contents and implementation during an informal meeting held at the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations on the last day of the said training.



This activity focused to the sustainable establishment of administrative procedures for the Project. As soon as those procedures were ready the Project Parties initiated actions according the Logical framework (LFM) work packages and the forecasted budget.




ExCHange got positive reactions from the cultural heritage sector. For the purposes of introducing the exCHange project and seeking chances of cooperation, sector meetings were organised. Associate Prof. Sultan KARAOĞLU, Saadet GÜNER and Gülay BOSTANCI paid visits to several cultural heritage government agencies, reserach centers, universities, NGOS among which we can list

Sector Meetings Series 1: Public Institutions, Ankara -Turkey, June 24, 2011
TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs and EU Coordination Department, Project Coordination Centre, Ankara
TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, EU Contacts Desk, Ankara
TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General DiChancellorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums; Ankara
TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism General DiChancellorate of Copyrights and Cinema; Ankara
Council of Higher Education (YOK), Ankara, Presindency of the Depatment of Education and Training

Sector Meetings Series 2: Research Centers
1-The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Marmara Research Centre, Material Institute (TUBITAK-MRC-MI) Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, July 7, 2011

Sector Meetings Series 3: Universities-NGOs-Museums: Istanbul - Turkey, (July and August 2011)
1-Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, (MSGSU) Department of the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Istanbul, July 01, 2011
2-TÜRVAK- Türker Inanoğlu Foundation Cinema and Television Museum and Library, Istanbul July – August 2011
3-Istanbul University, Department of the Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Properties, Istanbul, August 2011



Fast and sustainable channels were supposed to be established for exchange of information, transfer of knowledge through long-term partnership and cooperation between the national actors in the conservation of the art works and audiovisual heritage. The members of the sector presented their support to exCHange Project by sending data and publishing Project activities on their publications such as magazines, web pages, by participating project activities.




KICK OFF MEETING, Istanbul & Kocaeli-Turkey, 27-29 July 2011
From 27th through 29th July, project parties from Turkey and Italy, convened in Istanbul and Kocaeli to revise foreseen activities of the project. Participants of the Project Parties abroad included Dr. Claudio CIMINO, Secreatary General of WATCH, Daniela REGGIO, Local Project Coordinator and Prof. Dr. Giovanni GIGANTE, President of WATCH , who happened to be in another EU activity in Istanbul and took the time to participate in the activity. Expert Conservator Mine YAR, , Member of KUMID, Associate Prof Dr . Ozcan GUNDOGDU from Kocaeli University and Dr. Esin GÜNAY as a “Guest Scientist” from TUBITAK-MAM-MI were the other participants of the event.

After the meeting in the Project office the participants visited Kocaeli University (KOU) Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA), KOU Technopark and Körfez Municipality to have the chance to meet and exchange ideas with academis, and the representatives of those institutions.

The participants also had the chance to meet participants of “Summer School 2011, Chemistry and Culture - Euro Mediterranean Cooperation in Research and Education” organized by Marmara University within the scope of EU-Life Long Learning Programme

Prof. Dr. Recep KARADAĞ, Member of KUMID, was the Head of the Organizing Committee of Summer School 2011, while Prof. Dr. Giovanni GIGANTE joined to the Summer School as trainer. Thanks to arrangement of those experts the two EU Project Groups including trainers (39) and trainees (48) coming from all over the World to the Summer School met and spent time together on a Bosporus cruise.



The project parties, the PMT and Guests experts got to know each other, the dialogue started among them.
The Road Map of the Project Activities was determined.
Participants of the two EU Projects (exCHange and Summer School 2011) met and exchanged information.
Visibility; activity especially visit to Kocaeli and Körfez Municipality , published on the local media. (Determined number of readers as of August 21, 2011 is 2.948).




Study Tour in Turkey, Kocaeli, İstanbul, Turkey , 9 th -15 October 2011

  • This activity is planned for the following purposes:
  • to secure that the Italian target group get an insight into the education/training/inventory/archives/awareness . about the conservation and restoration of the movable cultural properties in the universities, research centres, NGOs, local administration, SMEs, museums in Turkey;
  • to determine the differences and similarities of those subjects between Italy and Turkey;
  • to collect concrete input/data about the sector, such as technology, equipment, material, educational
  • programme used in the laboratories for the conservation and restoration of the movable cultural heritage;
  • to promote the cooperation between different professions;
  • to give visibility to the exCHange Project in Turkey ;
  • to initiate dialogue and exchange of information between Turkish and Italian target groups;
  • to organize Opening Ceremony & Press Conference to increase the visibility of the Project.


Italian Target Group: (in Alphabetical Order)
Prof. Aldo COROZZA: Contract professor in Photography and Audiovisual Hertitage Conservation and Restoration– Program in Sciences Applied to the Cultural Heritage, at University of Rome – Sapienza. He is also working at The Central Institute for the Restoration and Preservation of Archive and library (ICPAL) in Italy

Prof. Adriana MARAS Academician, Representative of ASM2 University of Rome - Sapienza, Expert in ceramic materials, characterization of pigments, archaeometric measurements on archaeological findings. Associate Professor and .Coordinator of the PhD program in Sciences Applied for the Protection of Environment and Cultural Heritage/ DiChancellor of the University Museum of Mineralogy
Federica SACCO: Cultural Heritage Manager - DiChancellor of Cultural Affairs in Legambiente, main Italian NGO operating for the Protection of Environment and Cultural Heritage ;

Prof. Simonetta PORTALUPI Restorer and owner of a SME devoted to interventions on textiles. Contract Professor at the Faculty of Science – University of Calabria, teaching Conservation and Restoration of textiles

Prof. Talal AKASHEH , Member of Jordanian Parliament, Former DiChancellor of Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Heritage. Professor at the Hashemite University, Jordan. Chairman of Board of Trustees of Project Partner WATCH;

Turkish Participants: (From PMT)
Saadet GÜNER , Project Coordinator
Gülay BOSTANCI, Assistant Project Coordinator ,
Assoc. Prof. Sultan KARAOĞLU, Adivisor on Education

Turkish Experts (Volunteers)
Mine YAR, Expert Conservator studied in Italy, Member of APL (KUMID)
Derya DEMİR, Conservator educated in United Kingdom, Member of APL (KUMID) (No-Per Diem-Volunteer)


Institutions Visited:

In Kocaeli:
Kocaeli University (KOU) Tekno Park and Laser Technologies Research and Application Centre (LATARIUM)
Körfez Municipality (ASM3) Meeting with vice Mayors and visiting the cultural and historical properties of Körfez Municipality
East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA)
Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus Chancellorate Building, International Relations Office
Kocaeli University Chancellorate Building, Umuttepe Campus and Faculty of Engineering
KOU Umuttepe Campus Faculty of Technical Education Auditorium
Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) of KOU Anıtpark Campus
Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Marmara Research Centre (MAM), Material Institute (MI), Gebze, Kocaeli

In Istanbul:
Türker İnanoğlu Foundation Cinema and Theatre Museum (TÜRVAK)
Sadberk Hanım Museum, Sarıyer, İstanbul
Cultural Heritage and Culture Economy Inventory of Istanbul , Project Office
Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, Department of Conservation of the Intangible Cultural Properties (Meeting with academicians and Students)
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Bureau for Protection, Administration and Inspection of Ancient Monuments (Istanbul-KUDEB)
Conservation and Restoration Firms Association (KOREFD)-NGO, (meeting with trainers and trainees) KOREFD was also the host of the NGOs Meeting of the Activity
Europa Nostra -Turkey
Istanbul Cultural Awareness Foundation (CAF)
Topkapı Palace Atelier of Textile Conservation and Restoration
Central Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation, Istanbul

Opening Ceremonies and Press Conferences:
1-In Kocaeli:
Date and Venue: 11/10/2011, Kocaeli University, Umuttepe Campus
Host: Prof Dr Sezer Komsuoğlu, Chancellor
Guests: Vice Chancellors, Deans of KOU, Vice Governor of Kocaeli, Vice Mayor of Körfez Municipality, Heads, academics and students of the Departments:

2-In Istanbul
Date and Venue: 13/10/2011, Türker İnanoğlu Foundation Cinema and Theatre Museum (TÜRVAK)
Host: Saadet GUNER, Project Coordinator, on behalf of the PMT and KUMID
Guests: Representative of the Ministry for EU Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Cultural Attaché of Italy in Istanbul, Representative of Istanbul Provincial Culture and Tourism DiChancellorate, representatives from museums in Istanbul and Ankara, NGO representatives from Istanbul, academicians and students, scientists from universities and research centres such as TUBITAK-MRC-MI.


Press Conference & Meeting with representatives of Local Authorities and City Council
1-In Kocaeli:
Date and Venue: 10/10/2011, Körfez Municipality
Host: Yunus PEHLİVAN, Mayor of Körez Municipality
Guests: Staff of Körfez Municipality and members of City Council with the presence of the diChancellor of diChancellorate of culture and tourism of Kocaeli


Special Guest from Georgia (NPI) in the Activity: Dr Inga KARAIGA Head of Georgian National Committee of International Council of Museums (ICOM), Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts Tbilisi, Georgia
Motive of the Dr KARAIGA to participate to the visit: Dr. KARAIGA was invited to attend another international conference in Istanbul. She is in cooperation with the KUMID, Applicant and she is aware of the exCHange Project. She kindly participated to the fifth day of the visit as guest by sharing the time. Her motives to participate in the event were:
- to meet the target groups;
- to exchange ideas;
- to introduce studies carried out by conservation and restoration programmes undertaken by FFAs in Tbilisi.



All in all, there is no wrong in saying that, thanks to this well-organized visit, Project Manageent Team reached almost all the objectives it planned to achieve with the activity and the project itself, gathering a good proportion of the data it aimed to collect. The data collected will be used in the final Project outputs.




Study Tour in Italy (ST-IT/ Main Activity 1: Sub-Activity 1. 2), 30th of October-5th of November 2011,
Aims of the Activity:

This activity was planned for the following purposes:

  • to promote capacity building and professional upgrading for Turkish experts on a variety of aspects concerning conservation-restoration of movable cultural heritage, especially focusing on art works on areas such as, education, employment, universities training, NGOs, local authorities and SMEs;
  • to collect concrete input/data within the sector as well as technology, equipment, material, educational program used in the laboratories for the conservation and restoration of the movable cultural heritage
  • to widespread the good practice of cooperation among different sectors,
  • to start the dialogue and exchange of information between Turkish and Italian target groups and final beneficiaries
  • to promote the public awareness of the exCHange Project in Italy


Turkish Target Group: (in Alphabetical Order)
Gülay BOSTANCI, Assistant Project Coordinator
İsa TAŞ, Vice Mayor, Körfez Municipality (ASM3)
Mine YAR, Art Restoration, SME's owner - conservator-restorer (member of KUMID)
Musa YUKSEL , Vice Mayor, Körfez Municipality (ASM3)
Nermin DEMİRKOL ,PhD Student and expert in Ceramic materials, KOU (ASM1)
Prof. Dr. Recep KARADAĞ, Academic expert in textiles, Marmara University (Member of KUMID)
Prof. Dr. Reşat BAŞAR, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts of KOU (ASM1)
Saadet GUNER, Project Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Sultan KARAOGLU, Academic-Advisor, Kocaeli University – KOU (ASM1)

Italian Participants (in Alphabetical Order)
Dr. Claudio CIMINO, Secretary General of WATCH
Damiano ADELFIO, Architect, Member of BoT of WATCH
Daniela REGGIO, Local Project Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Giovanni GIGANTE, expert in non-destructive technique for Cultural Heritage Member of BoT of WATCH

Institutions Visited

In Rome:
Mayor of the Municipality of Carpineto Romano,
(participating in "Chestnuts Festival", visiting the historical centre of the Carpineto Romano and the ethno-anthropological Volscian's Palace Museum)
University of Rome Sapienza , Department of Basic and Applied Sciences and HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" Curator of the Museum of Classical Art University of Rome – Sapienza,

Deputy Chancellor for the Cooperation and International Relations - University of Rome - Sapienza, (during Opening Ceremony & Press Conference)
Coordinator of the PhD in Science Applied for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage at the University of Rome Sapienza and DiChancellor of the Museum of Mineralogy - Department of Earth Sciences,

In Turin:
DNA.Italia Fair on Technologies, Culture and Economics for Cultural Heritage –Turin
Cinema National Museum of Turin


Visits & Presentations
In Rome

Laboratory for Non-destructive Analysis and Archaeometry - University of Rome Sapienza, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineer,
Laboratories for characterization of ceramic materials - University of Rome Sapienza - Department of Earth Sciences,
Department of Chemistry University of Rome Sapienza and CNR Institute for Nanostructured Materials,
Chairman of the Risk Task Commission for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – Italian Ministry of Cultural Properties and Activities & Civil Protection.
DiChancellor of the Cultural Heritage section of Legambiente, main Italian NGO.
Secretary General of WATCH.
Restorer – Conservator and expert in ceramics, Manager of Restoration Unit - National Roman Museum at “Diocleziano's Thermae”
Deputy Chancellor of Department of Cultural Heritage at National Council of Research (CNR).
Archaeologist expert in Ceramics, researcher at Institute for the Studies of Italic Civilizations and Ancient Mediterranean.
Institute for the Application of Calculus (CNR), researchers and experts in digital preservation of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage,

Restorer of textiles - National Museum of Oriental Arts “Giuseppe Tucci”,
Manager of the Laboratory of Bio-archaeology and Electron Microscopy - National Museum of Oriental Arts “Giuseppe Tucci”,

Armed task force for Cultural Heritage Protection – CARABINIERI.

In Turin
Manager of the Scientific Laboratories of the Centre for Conservation and Restoration “La Venaria Reale”


Business Meetings

In Rome:
“Il Cenacolo srl”, DiChancellor of a SME involved in Diagnostic, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heriatge,

In Turin (DNA Fair)
General Display srl
Head of Research at Department of Cultural Heritage (CNR).
Representative of a SME -Kimia S.P.A.
CNR – Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Faenza),
ENEA Italian Agency for Energy, Sustainible Economic Development and New Technologies
Nicola Restauri s.r.l., SME involved in restoration of Movable Heritage
FILAS s.p.a. Agency for regional development in LAZIO Region,
Municipality of Turin – Labour Training and Economic Development Unit – European Structural Funds Department
Bresciani S.R.L. - SME involved in Restoration and Conservation equipment,
Assorestauro (Italian Agency for architecture, art and urban restoration)

Business Meetings
in Turin

Opening Ceremony and Press Conference in Rome
Date and Venue: 31/10/2011, Senate Hall of University of Rome Sapienza,
Host: Prof. Antonello BIAGINI, Deputy Chancellor for Cooperation and International Relations

Esin TOPCU, Third Secretary , Turkish Embassy,
Enis UGUR, Office of Culture and Information, Turkish Embassy,
D. Fuad MOUGHARBEL, Saudi Arabian Cultural Office in Italy, Cultural and Academic Supervisor

The official presentation of the exCHange project took place in one of the best representative room of the University DiChancellorate Buildings. The Senate Hall of the oldest University of Rome (over 700 years of history) saw the target group and the Italian representatives introduce themselves to the Deputy Chancellor for Cooperation and International Relations of University of Rome, Sapienza . The scenario about possible bilateral agreements became clearer during the meeting and the mutual interest for signing a frame agreement for cultural and scientific cooperation between the two universities was confirmed. After the activity, cocktail was offered to the participants.



All in all, there is no wrong in saying that, thanks to this well-organized visit, Project Manageent Team reached almost all the objectives it planned to achieve with the activity and the project itself, gathering a good proportion of the data it aimed to collect. The data collected will be used in the final Project outputs.







Activity was the first step and served as a source for the preparation of the web site and networking group for the project.

Data was collected from national and international sources dealing with the conservation of the movable cultural heritage especially art works and audiovisual art works such as, NGOs, universities, museums, galleries, public and private institutions, etc. with the collective assistance of REGGIO Daniela and GUNER Saadet. Their accuracy was cross-checked from different sources.

Two types of data were collected.
Data 1: Data consisting of the name/title, networking area and web address of the actors in the sector. (637 Numbers) The data collected was published on the networking group of the Project, namely “exCHange Forum”
Data: 2: Data relevant to the concept of the Project such as articles, papers, guidelines published in the field of education on conservation and restoration of work of arts and audiovisuals.
242 pages were translated from Italian into English
420 pages were translated from English into Turkish or vice versa




Accountants of KUMID and WATCH have monitored especially financial activities since the beginning of the project. During the last partners meeting before preparation of the Final Report, both of them met in WATCH office together with the Project Management Team and exchanged information on the documents of the financial activities.

Turkish Target Group (in alphebethical order)
Gülay BOSTANCI, Assistant Project Coordinator, KUMID
Saadet GÜNER, Project Coordinator,KUMID
Kısmet YILDIRIM, Accountant, KUMID

Italian Target Group (in alphebethical order)
Claudio CIMINO, Secretary General of WATCH
Daniela REGGIO, Local Project Coordinator, WATCH
Damiano ADELFIO, Member of Board of Trustees,WATCH
Francesca COLA, Accountant, WATCH
Prof. Dr. Talal AKASHEH , Chairman ,WATCH Board of Trustees


KUMID and WATCH signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Associate Members Kocaeli University and University of Rome Sapienza signed
1- General Agreement Regulating Cultural and Scientific Cooperation between the University of Rome Sapienza, Italy and the University of Kocaeli , Turkey approved by the Higher Council of Education (YÖK)
2-Bilateral Agreement from the Academic Year 2013-2013, LLP PROGRAMME: HIGHER EDUCATION (ERASMUS)